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Adding some semi-structured interviews to the mix.

I have the next couple of weeks off to focus on the dissertation.  Good, because I really need to put this to bed now.  The writing is going well.

The survey data looks pretty good, but I would like to bolster the research with some semi-structured interviews.   I plan to interview about 10 people, developers, solution experts etc.

Some  of the interviewees will have answered the survey, some not.   I’ll be sending out an email today to the the survey respondents, and I have contacted several other folks too.


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Crunching numbers

Firstly thanks to all that did the survey, over 580 of you.

That gives me some good data to crunch.

Thank you indeed.

Thank you………………………

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Introduction to this blog

The goal of this blog is to support my academic research into the relationship between software and law. I’m doing a PhD at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.  My main supervisor is Professor Dreier. My research is linked to the TEXO project.  I’m doing the PhD part-time, and although it does relate closely to my job at Gartner, this research isn’t part of Gartner research agenda.

As part of the  PhD, I’m surveying software developers,  what they know about the legal issues that relate to software, and their attitudes towards legal issues. I plan to use this blog to document my survey progress, and also as a place to answer any questions that survey participants may have.

I have tested the survey on over 50 people, so I’m close to rolling it out globally. I’m hoping to get lots of developers around the world answering it.  I will make the final adjustments to the survey and launch it this week.

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